Frederick grocer donates archaeological site


Pictured is the late Mr. Spencer O. Geasey, a resident of Frederick County and noted amateur archaeologist, participating in the field work done with the Maryland Historic Trust Wholesale Jerseys and the Archaeological Society of Maryland.

While grocery chains sometimes give food to the needy, Frederick's Aldi recently made a different type of donation an archaeological dig site.

"They went above and beyond to make sure Thomas Davis Panthers Jersey this important piece of Frederick city was preserved," Andy Stout, the eastern regional director of the Archaeological Conservancy said. "This is definitely the most important prehistoric site in the city of Frederick. In addition to maintaining historic sites, it also publishes "American Archaeological" magazine.

The grocery distribution center, off Gas House Pike in Frederick, recently gifted the 4.9 acre parcel of land on its 70 acre property to the conservancy, hoping to preserve it for future research.

The site was home to the Rosenstock village inhabited between 1300 and 1450. At the site, which is currently several feet underground, archeologists have found beads, tools and pottery, as well as remains of animals.

The site is the only preservation area the conservancy has in Frederick County, and just the fourth site in the state, Stout said. He said his office manages about 50 properties.

Jeff Baehr, the vice president of Aldi, said the Thomas Davis Jersey conservancy first approached Aldi about the site in 2004 or 2005, Wholesale NFL Jerseys when they bought the site for the distribution center. Aldi's 70 acre property was valued at about $30.6 million in July 2011.

" We recognize the importance of the site and cheap nfl jerseys china wanted to make sure it was Cheap NFL Jerseys in good hands for the site over time," he said. "We thought this was the best way to do that."

The site is home to a prehistoric village, with an open common area in the center surrounded by houses, Stout said. The site is part of the Montgomery Complex, which includes a series of late Woodland era village sites that stretch along the Potomac River and its major tributaries.

There were two archeological digs done by the Maryland Historic Trust and the Archaeological Society of Maryland in 1979, and again from 1990 to 1992. Stout said the Rosenstock site was sought after by the conservancy for many years, but it had not been able to acquire the site until now.

"If a professional Cheap Jerseys archaeologist wanted to do research there, they would apply," Stout said. "We don't do any digging ourselves. Authentic Thomas Davis Jersey We're more or less just stewards of the site.".

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Found this at a dollar store


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